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OXID eShop 7.0.0: New Features and Smooth Transition to Twig

OXID eShop has reached an exciting new version – 7.0.0! This release brings many exciting changes and improvements, including the integration of the Twig template engine as the default option. In this article, we will take a closer look at the key innovations, with a particular focus on Twig.

The Benefits of Twig: More than Just an Update

Arguably the most significant change in OXID eShop 7.0.0 is the native support for the Twig template engine. Twig is a powerful and flexible template engine that greatly simplifies the development and maintenance of shop templates. But that’s not all! At Multimedia Atelier, we want to ensure that you not only are informed about the new features but also make the most of them.

Our Support for Transitioning to Twig

We understand that migrating to a new template engine can be a challenge. That’s why we offer comprehensive support in this process. Our experts are available to review your existing templates, convert them into the Twig format, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Professional Template Development: Our developers are experienced in creating appealing and functional templates with Twig. We design your appearance to reflect your brand while providing a top-notch user experience.
  • Training and Guidance: We offer training and guidance to familiarize your team with Twig, allowing you to work on your templates independently and make changes in the future.
  • Quick and Secure Transition: With our support, transitioning to Twig is quick and secure. We minimize downtime and ensure your online shop runs smoothly.

Other Exciting Changes in OXID eShop 7.0.0

In addition to introducing Twig, there are other important changes in this version:

  • MySQL Version 8.0 Support: OXID eShop 7.0.0 is compatible with the latest MySQL version, enhancing database performance and security.
  • Composer 2.4 Compatibility: The use of Composer for package management has been further optimized.
  • WebP Image Format Support: OXID eShop now supports the modern WebP image format, which can improve the loading times of your product images.
  • Optimized Module Handling: Module handling has been streamlined and adapted to facilitate the development of extensions.
  • Update of Symfony Components: Symfony components have been updated to version 6 to enhance the shop’s performance and security.
  • Tracking URLs per Shipping Method: You can now set up tracking URLs for different shipping methods, allowing your customers to better track their orders.
  • Command-Line Setup: Shop setup and configuration can now be done through the command line, making project implementation easier.
  • Clean Up: Outdated features have been removed, including the testing library, RSS functionality, LDAP login, credit card payment method, and basic newsletter function.
  • Updated Components: A variety of components have been updated and improved to optimize the performance and functionality of OXID eShop.

Your Journey with OXID eShop 7.0.0

The introduction of OXID eShop 7.0.0 marks a significant milestone in e-commerce. Our mission is to ensure that you make the most of these new features and run your shop successfully. Multimedia Atelier is here to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Stay up to date and experience OXID eShop 7.0.0 in action! We are eager to hear about your experiences and feedback on this exciting new version. If you need more information or assistance with your upgrade to OXID eShop 7.0.0, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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