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JTL Discontinues Support for Gambio, Modified, and Oxid Connectors

As of December 31, 2022, JTL discontinues support for the JTL Connector for Gambio, Modified, and Oxid.

JTL has actively decided to focus more on the development of connectors for popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop. This decision will help to optimize the integration and use of these platforms and meet the growing demands of the digital economy. JTL connectors will be created as reliable interfaces to create a seamless connection between these platforms and JTL-Wawi.

However, it is important to note that this strategic alignment also has implications for existing interfaces. The existing interfaces for shop systems such as Gambio, Modified, and Oxid will continue to function. However, from the mentioned date, no longer support will be offered. This means that there will be no further development updates, no security or bug fixes for these interfaces.

The implementation of this decision is also reflected in the development of JTL-Wawi. The specific requirements and adaptations in connection with the aforementioned interfaces will no longer be actively considered. This may result in the fact that the smooth use of the aforementioned interfaces cannot be guaranteed in newer versions of JTL-Wawi.

Despite these changes and the upcoming end of support for the aforementioned connectors, we would like to emphasize that we will continue to be at your side even after December 31, 2022. Our support and solutions will continue to be available to you, especially with regard to problems related to the connectors for systems such as Gambio, Modified, and Oxid. We remain committed to supporting you in your concerns and challenges in the e-commerce sector.

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