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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized businesses.

In today’s business world, social media marketing is of paramount importance. It provides small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the opportunity to expand their reach, engage with their target audience, and increase their brand awareness. However, managing social media accounts can be a time-consuming and complex task for SMEs, especially when they are trying to focus on their core tasks and production.

Social media marketing has evolved into its own science, encompassing various aspects such as content production, profile design, and advertising management. This can be overwhelming, especially if you lack the resources or expertise to effectively manage your social media presence.

Social media marketing with Multimedia Atelier

This is where Multimedia Atelier comes into play. As experts in social media consulting, we understand the unique challenges that SMEs face. Our goal is to provide you with customized solutions that align with your individual goals, tasks, and advertising budget.

Our social media consulting services are designed to effectively reach your target audience and strengthen your brand. We start by analyzing your current social media practices and identifying potential improvements. Then, we develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your specific objectives.

Our experienced team takes care of all aspects of your social media marketing. We create engaging and relevant content, optimize your social media profiles, manage advertising campaigns, and continually monitor performance to ensure your goals are achieved.

We also understand the importance of an efficient budget. Therefore, we work closely with you to ensure that your social media expenditures align with your business budget while delivering maximum results.

With Multimedia Atelier by your side, you can focus on your core tasks while we handle your social media presence. Our customized solutions help you expand your reach, better reach your target audience, and position your business for success.

If you would like to learn more about our social media consulting services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to answer your questions and assist you on your path to social media success.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your social media goals.

Online-Shop / E-Commerce und Web-Design

OXID eShop 7.0.0: New Features and Smooth Transition to Twig

OXID eShop has reached an exciting new version – 7.0.0! This release brings many exciting changes and improvements, including the integration of the Twig template engine as the default option. In this article, we will take a closer look at the key innovations, with a particular focus on Twig.

The Benefits of Twig: More than Just an Update

Arguably the most significant change in OXID eShop 7.0.0 is the native support for the Twig template engine. Twig is a powerful and flexible template engine that greatly simplifies the development and maintenance of shop templates. But that’s not all! At Multimedia Atelier, we want to ensure that you not only are informed about the new features but also make the most of them.

Our Support for Transitioning to Twig

We understand that migrating to a new template engine can be a challenge. That’s why we offer comprehensive support in this process. Our experts are available to review your existing templates, convert them into the Twig format, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Professional Template Development: Our developers are experienced in creating appealing and functional templates with Twig. We design your appearance to reflect your brand while providing a top-notch user experience.
  • Training and Guidance: We offer training and guidance to familiarize your team with Twig, allowing you to work on your templates independently and make changes in the future.
  • Quick and Secure Transition: With our support, transitioning to Twig is quick and secure. We minimize downtime and ensure your online shop runs smoothly.

Other Exciting Changes in OXID eShop 7.0.0

In addition to introducing Twig, there are other important changes in this version:

  • MySQL Version 8.0 Support: OXID eShop 7.0.0 is compatible with the latest MySQL version, enhancing database performance and security.
  • Composer 2.4 Compatibility: The use of Composer for package management has been further optimized.
  • WebP Image Format Support: OXID eShop now supports the modern WebP image format, which can improve the loading times of your product images.
  • Optimized Module Handling: Module handling has been streamlined and adapted to facilitate the development of extensions.
  • Update of Symfony Components: Symfony components have been updated to version 6 to enhance the shop’s performance and security.
  • Tracking URLs per Shipping Method: You can now set up tracking URLs for different shipping methods, allowing your customers to better track their orders.
  • Command-Line Setup: Shop setup and configuration can now be done through the command line, making project implementation easier.
  • Clean Up: Outdated features have been removed, including the testing library, RSS functionality, LDAP login, credit card payment method, and basic newsletter function.
  • Updated Components: A variety of components have been updated and improved to optimize the performance and functionality of OXID eShop.

Your Journey with OXID eShop 7.0.0

The introduction of OXID eShop 7.0.0 marks a significant milestone in e-commerce. Our mission is to ensure that you make the most of these new features and run your shop successfully. Multimedia Atelier is here to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Stay up to date and experience OXID eShop 7.0.0 in action! We are eager to hear about your experiences and feedback on this exciting new version. If you need more information or assistance with your upgrade to OXID eShop 7.0.0, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Webseitenbetreiber und Shops: Neue Pflichten beim Urheberrecht

Important Changes in Copyright Law from June 7, 2023

Significant changes in copyright law will come into effect from June 7, 2023, affecting authors, website operators, and licensees of copyrighted works. These changes aim to promote transparency and fairness in dealing with intellectual property and strengthen copyright in the digital era.

Responsibilities with the Copyright Law Changes

Authors of works such as photos, articles, and music must now receive annual reports on the use of their works. This regulation ensures fair compensation for authors based on the proceeds from their works and safeguards their rights.

Website operators are facing new obligations. Starting from June 7, they must annually report to the web designer if they use graphics or other content that they did not create themselves. This enhances clarity and fairness in handling copyrighted content.

Copyright Law Changes in Reporting Usage

Previously, the author could request information about the use of their works. Now, it is the responsibility of the licensee – the user of the work – to provide this information. This marks a significant shift in responsibilities and strengthens copyright.

Emphasis on Author Contributions

It is important to note that this regulation was made possible by authors who have licensed their works under remunerative usage rights. This underscores the significance of the author’s contribution. Clear criteria need to be established for determining when the reporting obligation may be considered disproportionate. This responsibility falls to the legislator or the judiciary to protect the interests of authors.

Preparation for Website Operators and Online Shop Owners

Website operators and online shop owners must prepare by:

  1. Reviewing the copyrighted works they have licensed.
  2. Determining whether they are subject to a reporting obligation.
  3. Establishing a system for documenting the extent of usage, proceeds, and benefits from copyrighted content unless the exception under § 32d(2) UrhG applies.

These measures are essential to meet the new legal requirements while respecting the rights of authors. Promoting transparency and fairness in dealing with intellectual property contributes to creating a more balanced and just environment for creators and users and adapting copyright to the demands of the digital world.

Online Plattformen: Neue Meldepflichten nach DAC7

Online Platforms: New Reporting Obligations under DAC7

To combat tax evasion, new reporting obligations are set to be introduced for operators of online platforms. This not only affects online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and but also other online platforms that facilitate personal services or rental income.

The new reporting obligations require platform operators to collect information about the sellers on their platforms and the revenue they generate, which must be reported to the relevant authority. In Germany, the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) is responsible for taxation.

The reportable information includes:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Tax identification number
  • Financial account

However, the draft law is still in the legislative process. Therefore, starting in early 2024, reporting obligations for applicable platform operators could potentially apply retrospectively for the year 2023. The development will be monitored until then.

Shops: Neues Lieferkettengesetz, Verpackungen und Elektrogesetz

Shops: New Supply Chain Law, Packaging Regulations, and Electrical Law

The Supply Chain Act (LkSG) came into effect on January 1, 2023. The aim of the LkSG is to enhance the protection of human rights in global supply chains. German companies with more than 3,000 employees are obliged to comply with it.

The new Packaging Law affects caterers, delivery services, and also restaurants. They are now required to offer both single-use and reusable containers for food and beverages. For more information on this, please refer to the official website of the German government regarding the Supply Chain and Packaging Law.

Starting from January 1, 2023, new regulations under the Electrical Law (ElektroG) apply. These regulations concern the labeling of B2B devices, the authorization of foreign manufacturers, and also the quarterly fee for all registered manufacturers. As of July 1, 2023, new due diligence requirements will also be introduced for electronic marketplaces and fulfillment service providers. This applies to service providers handling the shipping and returns of orders.

Marketplace operators and fulfillment service providers must ensure that only registered manufacturers of electrical and electronic products are allowed to offer their products. Manufacturers are also obligated to provide their registration numbers from the EAR Foundation to the marketplace operators and fulfillment service providers they use. Failure to comply with the new regulations after July 1, 2023, may result in substantial fines.

Alle Unternehmer: In den USA wird die Datenmittlung neu geregelt

All Entrepreneurs: Data Transfer Regulations Changing in the USA

In 2023, the USA is undergoing a significant shift in data transfer regulations, which primarily impacts entrepreneurs and website operators. The use of tracking, analytics, and also marketing tools from the USA will once again be permissible. This development comes after the invalidation of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, which required companies using U.S. web tools and transferring personal data to the USA to take numerous measures to ensure compliance with the data protection requirements of the GDPR and the European Union.

To address this challenge and also ensure data transfer security in accordance with European data protection requirements, the European Union and the USA have agreed upon a new framework called the “EU-US Data Privacy Framework.” The aim of this agreement is to facilitate data transfer to the USA and ensure that personal data is transferred in a data protection-compliant and transparent manner.

An expected development is the introduction of “Privacy Shield 2.0,” which is anticipated to be implemented no later than mid-year. However, the exact timing of the implementation of this new data protection framework remains uncertain for now.

The need for these measures is to ensure that data transfer to the USA is in compliance with the data protection policies of the European Union. This not only safeguards consumer interests but also ensures business opportunities and the smooth utilization of web tools from the USA for entrepreneurs and website operators.

Overall, there are positive developments in the realm of data protection and data transfer between the European Union and the USA. These developments will bring more clarity and also security in the near future.

Achtung Abmahnung : Prüfen Sie jetzt die Einbindung von Google Fonts

Caution: Cease and Desist Letter – Check Your Google Fonts Integration Now

On January 20, 2022, the Munich Regional Court ruled on the illegitimacy of remotely loading Google Fonts. Since then, more private individuals and also law firms have used the ruling to demand compensation, resulting in an increase in cease and desist letters. This has led to growing uncertainty among website operators.

Fonts that are downloaded and stored locally on your server are loaded directly from your server when visiting the website, rather than being downloaded online from Google’s servers. This means there is no connection to Google servers, and no data is sent to Google. Therefore, you are not affected by this ruling and are on the safe side.

Both you as the website operator and also Google LLC are responsible for protecting the personal data of website visitors. Failure to do so may result in legal costs due to GDPR violations.

What are the ways to respond to the cease and desist letter?

  1. Paying is the quickest option.
  2. Contacting an attorney.
  3. Waiting and also monitoring the situation.
  4. Handling the matter yourself.
  5. Filing a declaratory action in court.

However, the Munich Regional Court determined that any incorrect or missing consent also constitutes a violation of the general privacy rights of website visitors under Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR. The automatic transmission of the IP address and the incorrect or omitted consent of the website visitor give rise to a claim for compensation for the resulting non-material damage under Article 82 of the GDPR.

The local approach, as per the Munich Regional Court, is privacy-compliant, as there is no data sent to Google when locally integrating Google Fonts.

For more information, click this.

JTL Discontinues Support for Gambio, Modified, and Oxid Connectors

As of December 31, 2022, JTL discontinues support for the JTL Connector for Gambio, Modified, and Oxid.

JTL has actively decided to focus more on the development of connectors for popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop. This decision will help to optimize the integration and use of these platforms and meet the growing demands of the digital economy. JTL connectors will be created as reliable interfaces to create a seamless connection between these platforms and JTL-Wawi.

However, it is important to note that this strategic alignment also has implications for existing interfaces. The existing interfaces for shop systems such as Gambio, Modified, and Oxid will continue to function. However, from the mentioned date, no longer support will be offered. This means that there will be no further development updates, no security or bug fixes for these interfaces.

The implementation of this decision is also reflected in the development of JTL-Wawi. The specific requirements and adaptations in connection with the aforementioned interfaces will no longer be actively considered. This may result in the fact that the smooth use of the aforementioned interfaces cannot be guaranteed in newer versions of JTL-Wawi.

Despite these changes and the upcoming end of support for the aforementioned connectors, we would like to emphasize that we will continue to be at your side even after December 31, 2022. Our support and solutions will continue to be available to you, especially with regard to problems related to the connectors for systems such as Gambio, Modified, and Oxid. We remain committed to supporting you in your concerns and challenges in the e-commerce sector.


Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Costs Snap, Facebook, and Co. Billions

The Impact of App Tracking Transparency on Mobile Advertising

Apple’s privacy regulations under the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework on iOS and their impact are becoming increasingly clear.

Massive Revenue Losses for Social Media

After the introduction of the final user opt-in for tracking in April 2021, the mobile advertising business was significantly disrupted, leading to massive revenue losses. According to a report by the Financial Times, Snap Inc., Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube together lost nearly $10 billion in revenue. Apple’s own ad business, on the other hand, received a significant boost from the changes.

Challenges for Social Media

Some social media companies, led by Snap Inc., need to restructure their mobile advertising business to offset the losses. Apple’s privacy policy has had a major impact on the business, which was also reflected in the stock prices.

Industry-wide Impact

The impact of App Tracking Transparency is not limited to Snap Inc., but also affects other heavyweights such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. In total, 9.85 billion US dollars were lost by the big social media companies. A quick solution is not in sight, and the entire industry is facing the challenge of finding creative and transparent ways to meet privacy requirements.

Consequences for Advertisers

Not only the big social media companies are affected by the impact, but also the many advertisers are suffering from the restrictions of Apple. The difficulties in reaching potential customers are leading to rising advertising and conversion costs.

Our Solutions for Your Success

We closely monitor the developments in connection with App Tracking Transparency and adapt your marketing strategies to the current challenges. Our offer includes solutions in the areas of web design, webshops and online advertising, to ensure that you are successful even in this changing landscape. Stay up-to-date on App Tracking Transparency and the resulting impact on the advertising world.

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Recommendations for Advertisers

Here are some recommendations for advertisers who are affected by the impact of App Tracking Transparency:

  • Focus on first-party data: First-party data is data that you collect directly from your customers, such as their name, email address, or purchase history. This data is much more valuable than third-party data, which is data that you collect from other companies.
  • Use contextual targeting: Contextual targeting allows you to show ads to people who are interested in the content that they are currently viewing. This is a more effective way to reach potential customers than targeting them based on their demographics or interests.
  • Use retargeting: Retargeting allows you to show ads to people who have already visited your website or app. This is a great way to remind people about your business and encourage them to return.

By following these recommendations, you can continue to be successful in mobile advertising, even in the face of the challenges posed by App Tracking Transparency.


Good News for E-Commerce: Shopify and Microsoft Partner

Shopify Merchants Can Now Reach Users on Microsoft Search and Audience Network Thanks to New Partnership

Shopify is continuing its dominance in e-commerce by partnering with Microsoft. Shopify merchants can now showcase their offerings on Microsoft’s Search Network, which includes Bing and MSN, and Audience Network by simply using the Microsoft Channel app in their Shopify store. The new feature is currently only available to merchants in the United States and Canada.

More than 1.7 million businesses in over 175 countries use Shopify. The e-commerce software, founded by German entrepreneur Tobias Lütke, is committed to constantly improving the digital commerce experience. Shopify offers extensive integration and combination options with other platforms, and is very user-friendly compared to other providers. In 2020, Shopify partnered with the social media app TikTok. This year, the partnerships with Pinterest and Google were expanded. In early 2021, Shopify Pay was also launched as a payment method for Instagram and Facebook Shops.

The Microsoft partnership opens up new doors for Shopify merchants. Offered products can now be seen in Microsoft networks through new campaign types. Ads can be placed through the Microsoft Channel and Microsoft Advertising account, and performance can be viewed in real time in the Shopify store. In addition, all products from merchants can appear as free listings in the Microsoft Bing Shopping Tab and Microsoft Start Shopping Tab. To make it easier and faster for users to buy the offered products, a quick checkout option is expected to be available soon.

Our Solutions for Your Success

We offer solutions for your success in the areas of web design, webshops, and online advertising. We adapt your marketing strategies to the latest developments.

You can send us an email with your requirements at any time, or you can use our online form. During the day (weekdays from 9:00 to 5:00 pm), we are also available by phone at +43 699 1139 4962.

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